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Silver and black and yellow

We spoke; briefly. I was trying to check out a new bra, a new dress, and a box of pandora.

Silver speaks to me, Pure white innumerate thoughts melting in her cracked soft body. I want to slide my hands inside, quietly, her lustrous body reflecting my lust that is shining through her dress possesses ductile body and excellent conductor, happen through the exchange of our bodies—desires forging on her with a silver body.

Bring me this silver, let me touch you, let me feel the grace of silver. I have heard that silver heals ill diseases, aches and removes knots. Her legs twisted to a side to pose for me. I love the pose. I wish I could be behind those poses and wrapping her with my hands and body. She touched once in a while over her bra, making me hard, off...phew.

Silver moon cascading, arriving in darkness with "ohm", a new form of shape is taking birth, black and white, wanting to desire those with thousands of thoughts that are not pure, I want her with that ohm over my body. We chant together, make the purest love known to humanity, and flourish embers and sparks everywhere. Through this black body you owe, your neck slowly takes my hands to touch your burning lips. In the absence of, absorb me completely, nothing of me reflects.

Bright and intense like a sun, following the cascade of the moon, then comes the day, which brings hope, wisdom and new opportunities; grab my attention, grab me from my body, take me in your warmth, provide me energy that is missing. Your posture in the yellow dress evokes and inspires me to bring closer. I am pretty pessimistic; bring me to the centre. The lust for life is becoming a reality. You are becoming a reality. Don't shy away.

Amongst all of this, I am constantly looking for someone like you around. I went and could not find anyone; maybe you look for someone over there wherever you are and get naked, make love on my behalf, and tell me how it was. I will wait for you here.

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