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Babe you are my tantra, I am waiting to be exploded

We spoke casually about her dinner with friends. She is finding silk and different material of clothes that she had bought, thinking that one day I would dress her bare feelings of her. She is ready; she did not know that there would be an opening up of such an intense level of understanding. Babe, can I drive you around one more time in a fancy car?

When she talked, I was caressing my dick, growing inch by inch; from her past, things that are leaving by her side, she found some clothes. I sent her some design ideas. I wanted to see her in well-tailored dresses so that I could slide my hand inside her body with a soft touch all around her navel and nipple, caressing her gently, disturbing the crease of the material and her body.

I transmitted all of those designs I had done yesterday thinking about her; then she shared back red fabric, and the legs came with square-shaped bead patterns draping close to her knee. I took a deep breath; oh man, this is proceeding slowly and gently inside me. She looks seductive; she said she could not wear this in Delhi, and I was like, Hey, as long as we are together, you should wear whatever you like. We are no longer strangers.

I have realised something about her, at this point, she wants to express and needs a bridge to communicate, you can be my model for the clothing line incredibly dedicated to her., she quite fancied it. I would not mind taking a few photographs with my model. I think wearing silky soft tight tops with fitted skirts that are either covered with cotton from the inside or draped with saree printed material from the outside. This idea brings her closer to herself, and how she wants to see herself or position herself, she has been closing herself, hiding, thinking that her days are over, but babe, your days have just begun, so get naked and show what you have got inside.

My heart beat continually racing, thinking of opening my dick and cum on top of her; even sidelining my imagination, I tried to talk to her. I told her we should get a tight, Indian-style blouse extending till the navel and a sexy skirt with floral prints or no prints. I want to know how you identify yourself with clothes. I have seen you wearing different designs, now my loves, let's wear our designs.

I asked to share more photos of old dresses that she keeps referring to, and I don't know why and how all suddenly past clothes are surfacing. Something is happening with you. Don't keep guessing; start digging more. I want to see more and bring them also.

I want to design something for her from printed sarees with different colour patterns and solid linings, a dress out of something grey and ending with black. I want her to show that much that she becomes the centre of attraction or attention.

I did not anticipate the motion; a photo landed in my message box; I am not sharing details since it's intimate. It got me super excited to a level where I thought of masturbating at the photo, but as they say, watch the breath and be aware this is not reality but some form of partial imagination. Baby, let me touch you once more time. I need some education from you; teach me.

You are my tantra

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