Doing the work i love and living the life i want

Mind and body need total balance but it cannot happen in today's world where everything is expanding and moving so fast. I have been in the startup culture where many nights I couldn't sleep just because I was having a demo day the next day.

I have dedicated most of my working life ( between age 18 to 24),  for understanding of product development, where I had the chance to work with amazing people and technology. From data science to finance applications using Ruby and Rails to develop news context analyzer with JAVA and Spring to a loan processing tool : Shell, Node JS, Java , Ruby on Rails, Docker, Scala, Apache Kafka, Python, JS, Writing Algorithms, Making sure that data structure is right for application,HTML, CoffeeScript,CSS, C++.

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Move fast, break fast amidst of this I forgot about myself, where I am and what I am doing. Mind was not at ease, body was aching and everything was just not right. I realized this cannot go on forever. I was always on run , dealing with immense pressure to perform, having to commute every day to several client offices, all resulting in a very hazardous, unhealthy lifestyle.

I was anxious and tensed because I was loving what I  was doing. But slowly I  was loosing all of my patience, ran out of energy and finally had to quit my startup life. After considering a lot, how can I do the work I like, while having a relaxed and healthy life style, freelance came as the best solution to my problems. 

I sat down and went on to a page which  I had bookmarked several months ago while I was thinking about freelance. Saw 'Toptal' and as my eyes glanced at something interesting "Passing Toptal's screening process gives you unparalleled access to meaningful projects with great clients'', I said to myself , I would like to give it a try, I always wanted to connect with like-minded companies and people and work on interesting projects.

SO, here I am now,  applying for Toptal and I am impressed by the way they screen candidates, it is more like an experience where I am bound to know about my abilities and skills, in the same time getting to know what are the things which needs improvement. I would love to be a freelancer because, as I said it before, freelancing would give me the freedom to do the work I love, while living a healthy, relaxed life style.

I am looking forward to the interview process and opportunities which Algorithm Developers Network will open for me. 

Saransh Sharma

Saransh Sharma

Thanks for dropping by, i am currently working on multiple research on Mathematics and Computer Science, and writing codes for Open Source Meanwhile in the process of writing a book about Blockchain and AI.