Why are we over-productive?

Why are we over-productive?
Photo by Sam Moghadam Khamseh / Unsplash

Why have we become so excessively productive? It feels like we're constantly on overload, pushing ourselves to the brink. Why can't we just pause? Where is everyone headed, and why?

I often ask myself why we're so engrossed in work. The answer seems to be to provide, but when does it end?

From birth, we're set on a path: school, college, work. We're constantly seeking something grander, yet life itself is vast enough to ponder.

We're not truly living; we're merely existing. We discuss global events, trying to bring order to everything. Is it about control? Why do we suppress our emotions to the point of losing our true selves? Take my friend Sham, for instance. He's in textiles not out of passion, but for the financial support he receives from me, hoping I can change his life.

Society is in a state of overproduction, both within and outside its confines. This cycle of excessive production is evident at every societal level.

I recall giving a ride to a man in western India. He was headed to a factory, spending 40 rupees daily on commute, waiting hours for potential work. If lucky, he'd earn 200 rupees for a day's labor, just enough for a meal. Who's driving him to this life? While it's easy to blame "capitalism", the issue is more nuanced.

We tirelessly work, producing more than necessary, and then seek efficiency. It's a reflection of our nature. We journey far for work, only to realize we could've achieved the same closer to home.