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To be or not to be?

When i walk , i am not walking i am thinking about something else

when i talk , i am not talking i am just doing something else

when i make love i am not making love i am just something else

what does it have to be here, where you really want to be?

i am not sure what do i want 

but i am sure that i want to be.

being here.

Sunshine the sound of wind its within me

nature its coming out everything is within me

the just nature of my being is unknown to myself

i am inside my body wish to come out this longing of coming out from the body 

is always there now i understand what does it mean by suicide 

when i want to be here i am not here 

when i want to be there i am not there 

the constant conflict of mind arises

the variations in my thought are just not mine there exist another being 

who wish to be 


gazing in the universe just going through the galactic dust 


just be.

Saransh Sharma

Saransh Sharma

Thanks for dropping by, i am currently working on multiple research on Mathematics and Computer Science, and writing codes for Open Source Meanwhile in the process of writing a book about Blockchain and AI.