There is something happening

There is something happening
Photo by Sparks Johnson / Unsplash

I wanted to take you back to 2021 when Cynsar Capital first started out. It was a different time, and I was a bit like a kid in a candy shop, looking for the right businesses to invest in but a bit lost in the maze of options. We knew we wanted to invest in unique businesses that were doing something new. But figuring out what that "new" was turned out to be more of a challenge than we thought.

Then the world was hit by Covid-19, and we saw people across India, and indeed the world, struggling. Businesses were shutting down, and it was clear that a new generation of industries was going to rise from the ashes. That's when we realized we needed to do more, to help kickstart these businesses. And this is how the idea of Cynsar Foundation was born.

The Foundation has been our way of studying how people can work together. Remember Sham's model on reducing conflict and leveraging human resources? It has shaped the way we approach things. We wanted to create a foundation that wasn't just about charity but was about driving change.

It's been two years now, and we've worked on some pretty amazing initiatives like Bishnu's Project,, and We've been all about empowering leaders and helping to bring about change.

Fast forward to now, and Cynsar Capital has got its hands in a couple of pots - we've made two investments in the E-commerce space, focusing on textiles and agro-organic produce. We've managed to bring traceability from the farm to the plate. This has been a massive part of our work in climate-related research.

So, what's next for us? Well, we're going to take our ideas and our successes and go big - global big. We want to create a tech tool that shows our partners what businesses are looking for funding and helps align those businesses with people who share the same values.

Our goal for Cynsar Capital is to build a community of investors who believe in what we're doing and want to invest through us. And we think we're in a unique position to do this because we understand the global south better than anyone.

As we take this next step, we've got a few things we need to focus on:

  1. Keep supporting
  2. Find donors for Cynsar Foundation.
  3. Build an online community for the Foundation.
  4. Create a pitch deck for the Foundation.
  5. Work on pitch decks and strategies for Jaal Yantra and Black Cheetah.
  6. Take a hard look at our tech strategy.
  7. Boost Jaal Yantra's sales and branding.
  8. Find partners for Black Cheetah.

Thanks for being part of this wild ride. Let's keep the ball rolling and make a real difference.