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The ideas from within, touching base with myself

Perhaps these ideas are translated to something within the body, but apart from that, there is nothing to express; the expression itself is unexpressed.

A few months ago, the journey which i started with few friends turned out to be something important; it was more about the deep conditioning that i carry and that crucial decision that needed motion.

These motions are now in full force. These changes are a story of others; the others are those who like an identification from the reference that i want to leave.

I think it's essential that these others now take their enquiry in their hand, whatever it may be, Observing myself how obsessed I am with the knowledge I created some time ago. This knowledge is repeating like a parrot. I want to get rid of it. I am transferring to those who need it most.

This form of knowledge is visible, once told by someone that anything you feed yourself, you will spit it once you cannot contain that. So, is this experience authentic that there is emptiness,.

I wonder what it looks like when we try to create something that does not solve anything; so far, there is nothing that can solve something. To solve something via a product is to engineer.

To engineer is to re-create purposefully; sometimes, I think nature is evolving to recreate.

Let us not recreate. Let us evolve around nature.

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