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Gaze that took my life for few days

From the abyss, I fall to the ground. I found transient happiness after the departure; the departure is always heavy, breaking my heart into pieces.

In the mornings of whites and black, I find the path of my gaze undisturbed and focused on the road. There comes the streak of white hair. Unplanned, my watch goes back to the skies of the vast expanse, alone with myself, recovering from the departure of the unknown—a thought hanging there for a while, taking shape and growing everywhere.

Now, I want to know her. The gaze froze my phrase.

She is nowhere in the vast expanse, but then she appears that takes away my days. I glance at her, grab her attention raise my hands. She looks back at me. Surprised, my gaze makes me a little dazed.

The noise of thousands of someone, her head lifted, we stopped in the epicentre, and her eyes only met mine, and I traversed inside as far as I could as if she had let me in; Now, many lives spent there: Time stopped, and everything melted.

Night after night, I cannot sleep; my gaze is now en-gazed.

I am relentlessly attempting to get her attention by asking her questions about this and that. The truth is out there, locked in the gaze. Hooking my attention, she goes away with the gaze engaged.

Presence dissolved, and I am no longer the attention of my breath; I meditate pleasantly, waiting for her arrival, yet she says, please forgive my absence.

All the while, I search the eye, hidden in the surrounding that raises dust and heat. Now I am left alone to solve this maze of the gaze.

I wait and count days watching for the arrival. I will finish my gaze and dissolve when the appearance occurs.

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