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Everyday with love and freedom

Tantra and the bonfires are waiting to be lit, opening up with wet dreams dick inside her pussy, flowing out, unique energy. It was supposed to happen, and It did not happen before. I am holding myself quite well. So well that it only happens through a dream. The present is undisturbed and flawless.

As eyes flicker, the lights enter, and the mind stimulates to produce colourful results; she came into existence with all of the lights, and zen mode is on. Essentials are taking root, and the dissolution of unimportant things is rising. A cowl-cut top tight enough to crease her breasts; touching her dress from here and there, she said I have always been dressing modestly in India. Still, a few centuries ago, we lost modesty where Kamasutra originated. Krishna lived with his 16 thousand lovers. What changed us now?

Attention time is here. Dress and invite attention; it's not the dress. It's the energy that speaks to balance the point that people come and compliment you. Desire you, run after you and want to make love to you, like me. It's the freedom you have inside that others wish to share and relive with you, the youthfulness you bring them, and the change that will take place. Be unmodest.

Modesty is such that men like me don't get distracted by women's clothing. Dressing that shows your body is not moral; it's immoral to identify with the clothes we wear in the first place. Clothes are not real and are an extension of our ideas and thoughts; if we give importance to how long or short they need to be, then we are all missing the point. The point being modesty is in the being, not in the clothes. How can short cloth be non-modest that show my chest or someone's breast?

She sat there while adjusting her brown top, Aquamarine stone hanging from her neck; she looked terrific as if she was ready to pour out to me at that moment. The awkward thing is not about the dress but her cut on the left shoulder, "She defensively shared that they took away that and it looks bizarre". I responded you look sexy in this top. Her cleavage and hanging breast were ample enough to take me in my wild mode from a distance. She has that look of being alone in the universe.

She cautiously mentioned all that while ignoring the top she wore for both of us. I like all these small details that arise from each other. She spoke vaguely about the place that has all these dresses close to her home; she does not like them anymore, it looks like new ideas take time with her.

An opening of a unique kind, the essence free from pollution, moving away from security to extreme uncertainty. Loosening of mind, relaxing from all sides, enjoying what's coming now. Speaking heart out, some are going to be missed. The intense drama and changes that will occur through our beliefs may shake some, probably change some, and we will keep walking on this path together.

I consider you every day.

I articulate to you.

I desire to be with you.

I want to gaze you.

The problem is, you're far away...


You're kind to me.

We chat online.

Sometimes I look at your pictures...

I think of you and me,

What if,

I think, "Do you think I'm alluring?",

I know you are,

You have other lovers,

I desperately want to be one,

I masturbated to your pictures, not every day,

But it should be, every day,

I want to suck your breasts,

I want to eat your pussy,

I want my cock inside you.

I love you...yes, every day.

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