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Strange loops - part 1

Silence entering the sky, touching the earth, yet another lonely night for someone waiting for someone. I received a call past midnight.

Asif asked, Do you want to go cycling, a person seeking some challenging real-world experiences? I thought, why not, so let's go. He did not have enough money but still had hope.

Someone is there to provide us some food, that was just a way of thinking, we will beg for our food by saying that we cannot pay you by our phone apps and telling tall claims about who we are. Somehow someone will believe us.

Something to drink and eat, We discussed some stupid things and did some silly talks about the way things were happening, and this guy was making it look too obvious and was analyzing the whole of the situation at every moment.

Dear, I was enjoying it. Then both saw someone parking a car; Suddenly, Asif knew the owner of Maruti.

She told me she is an energy healer and was a doctor previously. Psyche events lead her in this profession; it was a smoking break for her almost close to midnight. Shorts that look shabby on her and face full of pimples.

Story of an energy healer. I started analyzing why he is coming across — such a variety of people like that guy and this woman.

She talked much, and I could feel her that she wanted to leave, but she was standing there and inquiring about him, and Asif wanted to know more about her. It was crisscross like a diagonal communication.

Asif cannot speak English properly because he does not comprehend. However, he is an advocate from Lucknow, who likes to communicate in Hindi, barely makes any conversation, and blames it on his conditions, which remained unknown for a while.

In general, he cannot speak with good fluency or with fair use of words, and probably his accent is a little bit too UP'ish. Well, it's hard to define what is UP'ish accent is. It's like pronouncing "Iiiiii" "telling" "mee."

Sonal, as Asif asked her if she can get us a new cigarette, she did not have enough money to buy us one more. I did not think much about her state, then all of my expression changed for her. I am happy now; she was always smiling. But I figured she was holding a cigarette.

I did not feel forward. I asked for a drag. Energy healer responded, said you could have one, and "I am extremely sorry for not asking you before." Asif was standing next to me and was trying to converse, but failing all over the conversation. She was just there, listening to both of us, but her attention remained somewhere else.

Suddenly, she has to sleep, waved goodbye, Asif dreaming that he can hang out with her. Asif began asking him if he could help with Sonal like if he could pass her a message saying that Asif likes her, He could see in the eyes of Advocate dreaming of her close and being with her.

Another moment realizing, Advocate is a liar, how? When she was there, she asked him, are you guys partner? How do you handle backpackers? Asif does not own a backpacker, neither him, look like Asif must have told her that he manages a backpacker.

She is a person who likes to receive information; Ankit is right. The value of data is immense, and I live on the edge to achieve it. Wow?

Once she left, Both wanted to cycle back; abruptly, she appeared to follow us. We asked her the same; She said no, and I wondered, Asif, we can go in her car by putting our bicycle inside.

She said she does not mind. I said, okay, let's try. She responded while stoping the car close to a sidewalk. Asking her, are you okay with all of this? I mean, why are you extending your plans for us? It seems like she was interested in one of us, not sure maybe she was acting like this, or perhaps she is like this.

Then we packed our bikes, somehow in the car's back seat, there was no space left, so we had to sit together Asif and me on the front seat.

I thought that he is gayish, I mean the kind of things he wants to have, like holding hands while bi-king. My preconceived notion about how I see men and men together, but it was fun sitting in the front row with her and Asif.

We sat in the car, and I said, hey, now we are here, two lovers; she replied, great, i responded to her, this is good material for my journaling activity. She moved her eyes and said, " Oh, so you are that type." and I said Yeah, I am exactly that type.

We were going to the backpacker panda first where she would drop us, while in the way she asked that guy and me some questions and I was using eloquent words, like describing how and what I did and how I met the other guy? I mean Asif.

The story was not good. But it is okay.

Meeting Asif.

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