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Loving her from far

In the realm of unspoken truths, a connection lingers; a dance with shadows, weaving in and out of certainty. Whispers in the ether, ever present, their essence teasing my senses.

I observe from afar, a curious observer to a garden tending its keeper. The air is charged, the gulf between us widening as a sea of souls keeps us apart. A secret language exchanged, its meaning elusive, a riddle to decipher.

As the day gives way to night, I ponder the soothing balm I might offer, the solace I could provide. But reality weaves a different tale, one where our paths remain separate, our stories influenced by distant whispers.

A walk denied, though the desire simmers beneath the surface. Distance makes the heart grow bolder, yet the words remain trapped, caged by uncertainty.

To embrace the fleeting or to confess the depth of emotion? Two diverging roads in the dance of life. At times, the mind conjures fantasies, the body craves intimacy; a rebirth for a soul already living.

Yet, the heart desires more; the admission of mutual admiration, the unveiling of the secret that connects us. But what comes after?

A confession, an echo in the void, longing to be heard. The boundlessness of love, free of constraints and definitions. Her response remains shrouded in mystery, a testament to the impermanence of life.

Hints of a future shared, a bond strengthened by commitment. A calming influence, or perhaps an energetic surge, the observer now observed, waiting for the next chapter to unfold.

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