Saransh Sharma

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Saransh Sharma

Is there anything which can be irreducible to primary? Mathematics is the answer


Fugues variations help my cat to doze off and allows me to do Real analysis which derives
discrete functions to continuous, where Sonata in c minor gave me a function of love

Personality Traits

Served as CTO of Upscale PVT LTD, a research oriented organisation which focuses on Data and Open Source Businesses, I am a curious mathematician, and an upcoming Researcher and a Computer Scientist I have travelled around the world to many destinations like Cyprus, Russia, and Europe and now
planning to go, South Africa aka which means i am a freelance.

Visualisation is significant for me, imagine...execute and test.

Professional Experience

1. Google Mentor 2016-17
3. DRDO- Min of Defence Worked on a Data Analytics Product 
4. Fortis Healthcare - Started my journey of developer.
5. Indian National Congress - Data analytics product.

6. MIFOS - Open Source Project For Microfinance. Contributed on git.

7. - Built the entire product architecture and strategy. 

8. - Built the mobile app on ionic cordova framework currently live on mobile store iOS and Android both.

9. - Writing a book about current financial trend and mix of technical glitch in it.

10. - Store your certificates over public blockchain. Project based on python and ReactJS

11. - Upscale capital is a new age financial advisory firm which helps in managing your new digital assets.

12. - Digital token based provable smart contracts utilising game theory to incentivise fair payouts between counterparties.

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