Saransh Sharma

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Saransh Sharma
The separation of you and me with "I" is remarkable.


Solicitation in the ocean inspires me and shows how one can curl the whole space-time fabric by producing the amount of energy which affects everyone, not observed.

The form of producing work with knowledge distributed across various discipline, the ideas are a different individual who is present in my life, and they express concepts through actions mediated through the presentation and description. Experiment plays an important role, I wish i could conclude, but the dynamics are such it lead to chaos with the bizarre formation of understanding of my reflections.

In simple words, the rare occurrence of events which allow me to reach specific points mapped to an inventory of rare and unique ideas.

Are you confused by above-overcomplicated writing? (Cleverly smiling) I enjoyed it.

I want to produce work which is green and quiet but with broad impact over the general health and well being with returns distributed over a spread, unlike instant gratification.  I am helping businesses to take thought leadership seriously and watch / observe what kind of impact thier actions are making towards nature. 

This puts my focus on 

Climate Change, Financial Sovereignty, Digital Data Privacym  Health , Machines / Automation

Personality Traits

I play bansuri, the instrument based on breathing. I fancy writing, currently writing a lot of content about almost everything i write every day. Recently published a book .

I am practicing (Mixed) martial arts.

Listens to the melancholic song, Appreciation of art is present within me.

Personaly working on product impacts related to Climate change.

Work Profile

Founded Upscale a technology firm in 2013

Have worked with Ministry of Defence  and Fortis Hospital in the beginning of my career.

Got involved in the finance industry with Pune based Small finance bank developed Two wheeler loan product around Mifos for them

Impact : Served more then half a million dollar loans on the above open tech stack across pan India.

Developed P2P finocial lending platform with the support of the game theory. (

About finocial?

The idea to liberate millions of people from paying huge charges and interest on loans backed by digital assets and peer to peer lending.

What is mifos/apache fineract?

Fineract is a mature platform with open APIs that provides a reliable, robust, and affordable core banking solution for financial institutions offering services to the world’s 2 billion underbanked and unbanked.

Contributing to open source project Apache, an open source core banking product for small finance.

Started working in blockchain applications.

Currently consulting three microfinancial service provider across the world. They serve the need ones, poor using apache fineract.

Developing CO2 Emission based currency ie:

Proposing a service based carbon currency backed by blockchain  supply pegged to CO2 E. Green house gases acts as debts thus allowing transfer of purchasing power from fiat currency.

Consulting Cashpay from 2018 a Dutch-based open source organization for Bitcoin based wallet.

Started School for Developers , helping them to  transition from Corporate life to  Freelancing,  a school for learning and setting up open sustainable busineses  across world.

Changed Lives:

Since then , I have a focus and impacts around the world which is visible in stories from day to day life, my focus is small but it integrates naturally with everyone.

Other achievement

1. Google Mentor 2016