Refund Policy

🎉 Saransh Sharma's "Oops, Changed My Mind!" Guide (aka Cancellation & Refund Policy) 🎉

Hey there, savvy shopper! Thanks for choosing Saransh Sharma. Before you dive into our treasure trove, here's the lowdown on our "change of heart" rules. Grab some popcorn and read on!

1. The "I've Changed My Mind!" Policy

a. You Getting Cold Feet: Changed your mind? It happens to the best of us! Just holler at us at [Your Contact Info]. Depending on what you snagged, there might be some teeny tiny conditions or fees. But don't worry, we'll walk you through it.

b. Saransh's Mood Swings: Sometimes, we might have to cancel an order. Maybe it's the stars, a hiccup in our system, or you accidentally ordered 10,000 rubber ducks. If we pull the plug, we'll let you know ASAP and give you back all your gold coins.

2. The "Give Me My Gold Back!" Policy

a. When You Can Get Your Gold Back:

  • Ghost Delivery: If your order's playing hide and seek and hasn't shown up, give us a shout. We'll either find it or refund you.
  • Wonky Wares: Got something that's a bit... off? Let us know, and we'll either swap it out or give you a refund.

b. How to Get Your Gold Back: Just send a raven to [Your Contact Info]. We might ask for some clues (like pics or details) to help us out. Once we give the thumbs up, we'll start the refund cha-cha via Stripe.

c. How You'll Get Your Gold: We'll send it back the same way you gave it to us. It might take a bit, depending on how fast your bank's owls fly.

3. Squabbles and Squawks

Got beef? Before you challenge us to a duel or call your bank's knights, chat with us. We're pretty chill and love sorting things out over a cup of tea.

4. The "Rules Can Change!" Clause

Just like fashion, our rules might get a makeover now and then. If we tweak anything, we'll strut it out on our website. Keep an eye out, and stay stylish!

Got Qs? Need a joke? Or just wanna chat? Drop us a line at

Fashioned on: 29th May 2023 🎈🎊