Playing with codebox

When developing something on NodeJS it is quite frustrating dependency over dep. No way of getting rid of all of this and on top it will for sure make you feel like sipping coffe or smoke or to do at-least something else.

I came up with a brilliant idea. Why not put everything online.

  •  Internet speed is not an issue now in India.
  • You can simply log in write your code and stway away from the fuss of dependecies.
  • It kills when someone making a new code push and you require that functionality but you don't have or it will break the other part of the code.
  • Deployment is also not an issue now within the codebox you can simpy package your nodejs based app / or other language it gives you raw terminal access so go break commands and test things on the fly.
  • I am a fan of connecting things like i would connect to some other server / CI to deploy and test my services.

Now my day looks like.

  • I log in to codebox
  • Write codes as i wish.
  • Git pull/commit/ anything remains on a server no mess.
  • Can work on different branches without breaking anything 
  • Push to deploy on cloud services.

I have deployed docker to install codebox little bit about codebox

Codebox is an online IDE which like an ATOM or Eclipse i would'nt say like eclipse but it has modern features eclipse is bit legacy. But it works online like in a browser.



Saransh Sharma

Saransh Sharma

Thanks for dropping by, i am currently working on multiple research on Mathematics and Computer Science, and writing codes for Open Source Meanwhile in the process of writing a book about Blockchain and AI.