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Ending of one hyper loop

It happened early morning, around 3:40 am. I had to go and drop Toby's motorbike. Before going, I asked Asif what he did. He mentioned he was a criminal lawyer. I was like, umm, nice.

I waved goodbye, thanking him for the tea he prepared. It was a good tea. We exchanged phone numbers—nice meeting you.

Subsequent time, I met Asif next to a pharmaceutical shop selling medicines, not that he was buying medications or something, a 24 by seven shop that sold ice-creams and packaged water. He was there with a bunch of Afghanistani's, and he was continually cursing. Simran was also there.

Asif and I began hanging out more and more, but I started to notice a darker side to him. He was a master manipulator, weaving tales to fit into whatever situation he found himself in. He was a player in the Imitation game, constantly changing his identity and adopting the traits of those he encountered. His lies created a web of deception that eventually ensnared both him and those around him.

As I continued to spend time with Asif, I became entangled in his dark world. I found myself procuring illegal substances for him and getting drawn into increasingly risky situations. It was during this time that I met Sonal, a woman who would later play a significant role in my life.

Sonal was a risk-taker and a bit of a mystery. She had an air of aggression and danger about her, which I found both enticing and terrifying. As we got to know each other, we discovered that we were both hiding something. I was hiding beneath the identity of a programmer, while she was an energy healer, working with people's inner children.

Despite our growing connection, Sonal made it clear that there were boundaries in our relationship that could not be crossed. I couldn't help but compare her to Asif, who was a friend without boundaries, and found myself resenting her for it.

Life went on, and my relationship with Sonal waxed and waned. I would reach out to her, but she always kept me at arm's length, insisting that we were two different people and needed to respect each other's boundaries. Meanwhile, my friendship with Asif continued to pull me into darker and more dangerous situations, as I became more and more entrenched in his world of lies and deception.

One day, as I sat alone in the dark, I realized that I didn't need either of them. I had become lost in their worlds, forgetting who I was and what I truly wanted. I decided to cut ties and forge my own path, determined to find my own light amidst the darkness.

As I walked away from both Asif and Sonal, I felt a sense of freedom and renewal. The rain fell around me, and the sound of a distant train on the tracks brought me a sense of peace and clarity. I had escaped their twisted games and was ready to face the world on my own terms, open and emitting light to everyone I met.

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