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30th Day and counting

She sent me kisses; I got up from the bed without her, wanting her more and more, waiting for her for another 30 Days. We spoke; her voice had become mellow and cosy, and I could convey myself to her. It was not possible before; maybe my conviction to myself with her is pretty intense day-to-day. She seems happy that she has someone to fall on. I am there for you, darling.

Waking up, I am hard; I like the softness of my dick. Her thought passes by, and my erection expands harder. I did some yoga and sat for meditation; I felt like sleeping next to her in silk velvet covering her, her face brushing my bare chest; she was resting, and it was dark outside. Suddenly she tells me all about her meetings, problems, and life with Oliver; today, she told me she had left Oliver, getting rid of everything holding her back; Oliver is her cat.

I am sure Oliver got a good life; likeable cats and vets will surround him and take care of him. She said the last post I wrote about my fantasies was like a fire to her. She likes them, I told her. I responded, I want them to play out however they will; I said, some will, and some not. We both agreed.

I mentioned how this expansion for both of us was happening; from far, she could feel it, and I could feel it. She is coming this time with no attachment, dissolving her past; she will be all mine and freer. I told her that this fearlessness that she commands around her where surroundings melt in her to provide insights.

In between our conversations, I told her I wanted to make love to her in a first-class sleeper coach that goes to Khajuraho; when we go to these temples, we shall perform all the duties and offer love through us to those temples.

She spoke about her friend, a troubled friend who wants to be this guy and is willing to leave her husband for that newfound love; Everyone got some emotional issues. Her friend is disturbed and cannot make decisions; at the same she expresses lightness with me. I told her to help her friend if she could show or guide her. While talking all of this, became a big turn-on; this is something that I desired in her. I want her to help her friends. Imagining her when she is sharing details about our relationship made me hard.

She reflected on her relationship back; How she went through all these experiences with her husband. She understands how relationships play out, and she advised her friend on what steps she should take if one is in a mess where the inability to decide over wanting and what's present in front of you is there. Her friend is worried about age and imaginations due to insecurities and what not. Her response was to her friend look at me, I have accepted all of this, you should better accept it too.

I convinced her that she could help her friend in any way to open up, She spoke about her feeling like a giant space coming in, and it's going to be excellent. I was simply imagining my dick was reaching into her pussy, stopping her breath, pausing for a while, and bringing the space she kept wondering about. She is a wild woman now that inspires others, which is what I desire in her.

Her friend is interested in the story of how it happened?; in my opinion, a large part of her step was to overcome this fear of self-limiting biases and expressing yourself in any manner is the success.

There is connectedness, and many people want to know our story; everything resonates; suddenly, she stops, and says anyway as pauses, maybe thinking about something , babe just let it out, thoughts are coming to her mind, which she finds hard to express. I believe it will arrive sooner or later, for I am patient. I am part of her story; It will be fun, us on the train, moving, and fucking in the parade.

When I asked whether you would be open to making love in a moving car, She said, you are just going nuts, you are super horny, you have not had sex for a month, and your libido is raging. I want to be in a raging mode. I told her I wished to share this energy peacefully. The key to sharing raging power is owning and working together. These fantasies are about shedding perspective and emotions that can flourish together. Sometimes, I feel like tearing your clothes, ripping your pussy apart, and raping you like a mad bitch. Do you want that? Next time we talk , I want you to open up with your fetishes and deep rooted desires that you have.

In the end, I told her to share her lovemaking stories with her friend and see what happens; I feel like expanding; you are all growing and go out in your expansive mode.

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