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Optimistic lessons learned -Reflecting on Our Journey Together and The Road Ahead

Dear Cici

I trust this message finds you in good spirits. There's been a weight on my mind that I want to address openly and honestly with you. It's about our shared journey, the financial decisions we've made, and how I've come to understand their impact on both of us.

In 2020, amid the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, we embarked on a joint adventure. A casual conversation about buying a car and traveling across the country grew into a reality, marking the commencement of our financial journey together. We pooled our resources, and with equal contributions, we bought a BMW. Yet, as time went on, I found myself needing your financial support more than anticipated.

So far, your contribution to our shared dream has amounted to $82,000 or approximately 67,75,000 INR, a significant sum that I recognise as a tremendous sacrifice on your part. I've spent most of this on travel and living in good places, with the belief that experiencing new environments would keep our minds balanced and enriched. But I now see the heavy toll this constant movement has taken, both financially and physically.

A significant portion of our funds has also been invested wisely into our shared business vision. Legal expenses for the whole year have been covered, ensuring we comply with all necessary regulations and practices. Additionally, a substantial amount of fabric, essential for our business, has been bought and is currently in production. Unfortunately, this cost more than anticipated - about $3,000 more - but it's an investment into our future.

Despite these expenditures, I am now left with $8,000. There's a strange calm within me, possibly born from past experiences or the belief that I will find a way to weather this storm too. However, I understand that my decisions may have placed undue pressure on our relationship.

I realize that while your presence and support have been my comfort, I've somewhat depended on the idea that you could always provide for our good life. This is an unfair burden, and I deeply apologize if I've caused any strain or discomfort.

Looking ahead, I believe we're on the precipice of realizing the business we envisioned. The plans have shifted slightly, but the dream remains intact. A little more support, and I believe we can make the jump and bring our shared business vision to life.

I am committed to learning from my past actions, using the remaining funds wisely, and focusing on building a stable future. I hope to rebuild my financial stability, and I am resolute in repaying your faith in me.

Your love, understanding, and emotional support are invaluable as I navigate this challenging period. I hope that we can continue to grow stronger together, learn from these experiences, and continue our journey with mutual respect and love.

Thank you for your incredible support, patience, and trust. I am committed to making things right and ensuring that your trust in me is well-founded.

With all my love and gratitude,


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