Messenger of love

Messenger of love
Photo by NEOM / Unsplash

In the heat of the moment, I yearn to have her right in front of me, to indulge in the sensation of touching her soft, inviting ass, caressing every curve. The memory of our phone call from yesterday still lingers, as I recall the seductive sound of her voice. The anticipation builds, my hand gently stroking, until all the juice bursts forth, splashing over my trembling body, a testament to the power she holds over me.

I imagine a messenger of love, a conduit for my desires, delivering my message to her with the same intensity that I would convey it myself. Urging her to open her heart, to embrace the words that will make her breath hitch and her eyes widen in anticipation. To freeze her in that moment, where her body yearns to follow her instincts.

Oh, sweet messenger of love, ensure that my message reaches her, conveying the explosive passion that resides within me. Let her know that in the depths of my love, I am overwhelmed with desire, splashing out with an intensity that knows no bounds. Take care of my lover, dear messenger, treat her with the reverence she deserves. Provide her with the perfect dose of love, fixating your eyes behind a curtain, as you kiss her deeply, igniting a fire within her.

Softly, suck her nipple, savoring her delicate moans of pleasure, before allowing her to take your cock into her mouth, relishing the sweet juice that fills her. And then, with a deliberate slowness, take her from behind, allowing her to experience the depths of pleasure she has never known before. In the throes of passion, witness her tears of desire, her pleas for more, as the intoxicating ecstasy consumes her. Perhaps, dear messenger, you can fulfill those desires on my behalf.

Give her a love that she has never experienced before, a love that leaves her trembling and yearning for more.