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Once upon a time somewhere around 2008 , in the suburbs of a bustling city, there lived a boy named Liam. Liam's parents were strict and uncompromising, pushing him relentlessly to excel academically. When he failed to meet their impossibly high expectations, he was met with harsh punishments, the evidence of which he carried in the form of scars, both seen and unseen.

Over the years, Liam learned to absorb the blows, seeing them as a training ground for the harsh world he would eventually face. He bore the pain with a stiff upper lip, secretly believing it was turning him into a stronger, if somewhat offbeat, individual.

As he grew, the emotional disconnect that had been fostered in his early years continued to plague him. He found it difficult to form stable relationships, often making unrealistic promises he couldn't keep. He learned these patterns from his parents, who had constantly overpromised and underdelivered throughout his life.

Now in his thirties, Liam was a man shaped by his past but determined to change his future. He had a penchant for connecting with women, finding in their company a solace he had never experienced before. He was a shoulder to lean on, a source of emotional support, and he extended himself fully in these relationships. He questioned, though, how long he could maintain this lifestyle.

Despite his apparent success, which had come in the form of a financially stable life provided by a benefactress, Liam was acutely aware of the rising tide of ego within him. The comfort of his life had made him somewhat spoiled and childlike, his own responsibilities absolved by the woman who supported him.

As time passed, Liam found himself sinking deeper into the world of materialism. The hooks of comfort held him fast, creating a man lost amidst the excesses of modern society. But deep down, he knew this was not the life he wanted, nor the one that would lead to his salvation.

The spell of his present life was bound to break, and when it did, he was determined to emerge a different man. He knew he had to break free from the cycle of overpromising and underdelivering, to truly extend himself to those in need, and not just in words but through actions.

His past had been marked by pain and neglect, but his future was his to shape. He knew he had much to learn about love and kindness, and it was these lessons he sought to embrace. He had carried the load of his own pain for so long; now he was ready to help carry the loads of others.

Liam knew his journey was far from over. Every day, he tried to unlearn the harsh lessons from his childhood and relearn the language of love and compassion. He knew it was a long road ahead, filled with challenges and pitfalls, but he was ready to walk it. He knew the boy he had been was forever a part of him, but he was determined to create a better man from the scars.

Zooming to year 2015, Liam's work was demanding, pushing him to his physical limits. His employers had high expectations and were relentless in their pursuit of success. His body was in a constant state of weariness, yet he continued to push himself, trying to prove his worth not just to them, but to himself.

These experiences began to shape Liam's perspective, leading him to question his identity and purpose. Despite the outward appearance of support from his parents, their underlying ambivalence was clear. They had made arrangements for him, but their emotional support was absent. This void forced Liam to seek solace in his work and his relationships, striving to fill the emptiness left by their lack of genuine concern.

Despite his lean frame and the occasional unkind remark about his physique, Liam held a captivating presence. His voice held a certain allure, drawing people towards him. He was often criticized for his appearance, but he never took it to heart. Instead, he would repeat the insults to himself like a mantra, turning them into a source of motivation. This resilience was another trait he had inherited from his parents, who had always taught him to fight for what he wanted if kindness failed to bring it forth.

A particular memory had always lingered in Liam's mind from his childhood, a memory that highlighted the power of kindness. A young, married woman had once gifted him a small token and gently caressed his cheek. This act, so simple yet filled with warmth, showed him that kindness was a powerful tool. That it could open doors that were otherwise locked, that it could bring forth bounty even in times of scarcity.

As the years passed, Liam found himself in a position he had never anticipated. He was, in essence, a beggar, begging for the essentials of life - love, compassion, and understanding. He was constantly seeking validation from the world, hoping to find in it the love and acceptance he had missed in his childhood. His life was a testament to his struggles and his courage, a man marked by his past yet yearning for a better future.

After the world had recovered from the impact of Covid-19, Liam, enchanted by the call of the mountains, moved to a remote area in India. Here, he met a woman from California. She was elegant, clever, and much older than him, fitting his inclination towards mature companionship. This woman, having lost interest in her life in California, saw an opportunity in India and in Liam.

Liam, with his voice that could sway anyone, and a heart that had matured beyond his years, found a connection with her. Despite their physical relationship not being exceptional, they found solace in each other's company. Their union was born out of mutual needs, desires, and an inexplicable bond. She provided him with the love and support he yearned for, and he became the companion she had been seeking.

Liam came up with a plan to further distance himself from his parents and his past. He proposed to her to provide for him fully, to which she agreed. It was a turning point for Liam. His life changed drastically, his motivations altered, and he found himself on a path of self-discovery.

Liam evolved into a man of charisma and choices. It was as if a dormant artist within him had been awakened, coming home after a long absence. This newfound identity seemed to rescue Liam from his previous existence, providing him with a sense of purpose and a new perspective on life.

His meditation practice deepened, a testament to his growing self-awareness and introspection. Yet, despite these significant changes and his pursuit of peace, a nagging sense of unease remained. A feeling of disquiet, something he couldn't quite put his finger on, always seemed to linger in the back of his mind. The scars of his past, it seemed, were not easily forgotten.

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