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Witnessing , as i go within

In the midst of the bustling train station, I stood as both a witness and an active participant, embracing the weight of responsibility that accompanied each of my actions. My heart raced, and my senses were heightened, attuned to the cacophony of sounds, the hum of human energy.

As the fear of inevitable death hung in the air, it became painfully clear how deeply we cling to this world. My journey to Pondicherry with Cici was a testament to our desire for connection and the pursuit of a cosy sanctuary. Together, we packed, let go, and shifted through life until we reached a shared destination.

Delving deeper, Cici's presence ignited a spark within me, transforming my thoughts and perceptions. As her assistance arrived and the dynamics shifted, I began to question my worth. The seeds of the unknown had already taken root within me, and I saw the impermanence of life reflected in every corner of my existence.

Beneath the surface, a powerful energy stirred, an awareness cultivated through countless lifetimes of training. This ancient wisdom forced me to confront the truth that lay hidden within each moment.

In the wake of Cici's departure, I found myself lost in a sea of internal dialogue, grappling with decisions and seeking direction. But in the face of her indifference, I resolved to delve deeper into the nomadic life, allowing its ideas to unfold in new and unexpected ways.

Gathering the remnants of our shared experiences, I offered my parents a glimpse of the love we had created. In the tender moments between the sheets, they would find solace in the knowledge that I had broken free from my deep-rooted conditioning.

Love, I realized, was nothing more than a concept. It was energy that truly shaped our world. As I wrote, I waited for the train parcel service employees to finish loading their cargo, a metaphorical unloading of the moments that would never come again.

I released the weight of countless lifetimes, relinquishing my hold on the furniture that carried with it the energetic responsibility of our love. I surrendered to the process of unwinding, casting off the chains that held me down, and took flight.

True freedom, I discovered, lay in the embrace of nothingness. In the stillness, I observed the flow of energy that shaped our existence. Cici's trust would grow as I demonstrated my release from the bonds she had left behind.

No longer shackled by love, we had transcended such limitations. Instead, we cared for ourselves, growing and burning away the conditioning of lifetimes. I thanked Cici for her generosity, the gift of her presence allowing us to burn away each other's illusions.

The silent monk with flowing hair, driving a fancy car, became the embodiment of this journey. A symbol of the inner engineering we had undertaken together, refining our souls and transcending the boundaries of love and attachment. The world around us continued to buzz and hum, but we were no longer bound to its whims.

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