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Witnessing , as i go within

I witnessed many things, an active participant and carrying so much responsibility for all of my actions, here in this train station, using my biological responses at max.

The world, fear of the inevitable death that we want to delay, makes me realise how attached we are to this world. We came to Pondicherry together. We both wanted somewhere nice and cosy. We packed, shed some, moved some and ended up reaching somewhere.

Going more deeper, Cici rang a bell, thoughts took shape, and I started observing. The dynamics changed, her help came, collecting, made more, asking my worth, deep into myself the seeds of the unknown have already taken place, impermanence is what i see everywhere.

Deep down, I witness this moving energy inside, Awareness that comes after training thousands of years. This training kicks the truth out of me. Every moment there is this truth that binds within.

After she left, there is this constant talking to myself, to do what or where to go next. She does not care; Here, this time, I decide, I go deeper. , the ideas of nomadic life comes and takes shape differently.

Collecting this dust from all around for, My parents will be happy with the gifts my creation has left, unbounded they will find some comfort in the bed where we made love. They are ready to wash away my deep-rooted conditioning.

Love is nothing. Energy matters; we shape up the word in a different way. I am writing while waiting for these train parcel service fellow. They have asked me to stay. Loading is what they call and are actively participating in that activity. I am also unloading the movement that never happens again.

I have shed down thousands of life worth that bed. That table came with many folds of energetic responsibility, and I passed on those who needed it most and can carry the weight. I think the process of unwinding is to remove and fly.

Freedom is where there is nothing—experiencing nothingness—watching all of the energy that rushes due process that takes shape. She might trust me more, Letting her know that I have unchained myself from what she left.

I don't love her. We have transcended those words. We take care of ourselves and grow and burn life's worth conditioning, and I thank her for her generosity that keeps flowing within me so that we keep burning each other non-reality.

The visual representation is a silent monk with long hair, driving a fancy car that shows the solidarity of sheer inner engineering he has worked over himself with her.

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