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Hey, this is Saransh and you are at my website, so this page will tell you --

A bit of disappointment 

but you will enjoy it.

Usually, the introduction contains a start and an end declaring that the work I have done so far is all mine, but here I would not fall prey to a rhetorical set of linear frameworks. I hope to destroy the idea you are also carrying with you. I am not preaching anything new, the newness is found terribly inside your own understanding and how you observe it. This claims to be an eternal quest for something that cannot be found.

Definitely, you have no idea what this is all about? You have to be here for some more time, I  am sure you are going to have a new experience with yourself. If you think I am delusional with this idea of time and space, go ahead and curse me for the fabrics that bind you. 

Simple enough, there is no fun in pointing you out to make you realize who I am because that just destroys the whole purpose of relationships that you have been maintaining with yourself. Keen to make a long-lasting relationship, then i think we are at a stage where we converge. 

Work is something I like, recently I have discovered performance is attributed to something tangible, you can find tangible things on the internet like just searching for path silence on google.

History is full of learning, specially crafted to make a person look wholesome, i know we are not but i am still living with it. The layers approach one mistake and another mistake, but still going on. 

I have participated in the social world and have given time to Open-source digital world things like Fineract and Bitcoin. These days I help large banks and small fintech to maintain a digital infrastructure and learn how social communities work.

I have built communities that deliver products and services. Engineering skills are innate and can be expressed in any language. 

Right now Google is learning a lot from the way i write so the machine deserves some stupid learning also. “Google is evil, Microsoft makes robot, Amazon listen to you when you make love to your wife, and Facebook wants to control the world so desperately that are actually acting stupid”

I highly appreciate Digital privacy, so it's hard to find my own handle on Twitter and other places, preaching  Financial Sovereignty, a fair understanding of how the world is closely connected. 

Taking the work with an approach connected to Health.

These days 

I am eating two meals a day and toying with the idea of meta concepts that tends to infinity but for that there is no end.

What do I do?

I am creating a network of businesses that are based on novel domain spaces like

Financial technology that helps create sovereignty,

Digital inclusion that is fair and transparent

Climate mitigation through technology

AI algorithm that solves for scale and is secure by inherent nature does not lead to biasing toward individuals or groups.

Health-related products that bring wellness to the overall living

I have helped major businesses all around the globe to work with bleeding-edge technology and philosophy to comb up a novel and sustainable product teams that proliferate to innovative ideas.

I like the idea of building teams for solving high-value problems on a social scale that does good!

We can get in touch with schedule a meeting here

For investment queries please reach out to

Here are the terms and conditions for those who have worked with me on the basis of monetary exchange

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