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Flowers and love for 29th Day

It melts my heart when I hear that you are coming to see me, 

in your preparation, I am spending time with myself knitting dreams,

moving fantasies, dreams and waking up with a single idea that is you, 

as they say, I am going crazy about you, fires on both sides.

I wish to see you soon, hand in hand, walking a few miles,

to go out to eat, to sleep, to see, talk to you about my desirous intention

This day was about to end, and I packed myself to bed, thinking one more day.

We spoke a bit, and I could see the shyness in her talking about herself, though her mind, occupied with thousands of things she is worried about, her recent drag for getting a biopsy done, her throat issue persisting for long and crank sores (I mistakenly thought for some dinosaurs)

Now that Oliver is gone and the house deal closed today, she seemed like she was losing ground. I diverted her attention towards my horny and sexual talks. I could see some hesitance. In the end, realising these talks are better in person than in these short communication.

Beneath my gross talks, there lies an absence of deep and intense understanding, most of the time, we don't listen to each other, but now that I am paying attention and the devil is in the details, she is unwell and going through a lot of these changes by herself. She must need some cheering up and comfort. 

Emotions that are lost somewhere are going to get triggered and are now surfacing. The house gone, husband gone, and the cat yesterday, slowly evaporating in front of her eyes, she wanted this, and I helped her in this. We will gradually hit ourselves with an energy that will get tested. I am going to take all of that. You belong to me now. 

Dear love, I know losing your ground from your feet can be strange enough; letting go and getting rid of the past is challenging. It can bring thousands of things that may go unnoticed. At this point, I am letting you know that I am waiting for you no matter what happens next. As we gave each other promise that we will be here waiting for each other as you burn your past away., now onward, you are my responsibility, and with that in mind, you shall read these and keep them in your heart.

  1. We respect each other, 
  2. We postpone any gratification before us,
  3. Know and appreciate each other inabilities and strengths, and weaknesses and embrace them with patience 
  4. Be sensitive, tender and patient 

Not only the above, 

  1. You take care of your body and listen to what it says 
  2. Give enough rest without going off the limits
  3. Find yourself a good massage somewhere 
  4. Relax and maybe stay quiet for a while and record yourself 

Soon, you will be my responsibility, and then we will see how we together work this out. We should be careful and be aware of restfulness and understand that relaxation should be our goal. It is there, and the light is coming.

The pain you have, please ask your body, close your eyes, and say this, all the repression and anger that you had for years, and tension about anyone is going to melt. My pain will dissolve the moment I open my eyes. All the belonging you had is going to wind away slowly and will bring a new life force. With every breath, I am a new person, a new body, new life and nothing old remains.

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