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Finocial social experiment

Across India

For a capital scarce developing country like India, SMEs are considered as panacea for several economic woes like unemployment, poverty, income inequalities and regional imbalances.


SME sector has been one of the primary drivers of its economy. The sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP is expected to increase by 22% in 2020.

For Companies

SME's are important partner and supplier to larger companies.


It is the first job and first step to entrepreneurship.


It is not a secret that there are many SME's which come and go every day due to lack of cash and funds availability , being small is not easy.


SME's acts like source of idea generation products daily which we use brands which we have never heard of.

Grey and private lender ask for higher interest rate.

Banks do not like to work with people with small assets and no prior banking experience.

Finocial was created to serve SME owners to provide fast and smart funds instantly to merchants.

In India, the SME lending industry has some primary pain points.

Underfinanced market

The inability of entreprenuers and small business to collect funds quickly as possible as business needs grows.

Un-defined  Process

There is no clear structure in lending businesses resulting in significant frauds and malpractices.

Interest Rates

Clealry due to higher frauds and no clear credit process banks and finance companies tends to collect money faster and intially in processing of loans which leads to higher punitive interest rates.

Banks and Private Lending Funds Problems

Banks credit process requires a SME and Individuals to go thorough various data pointers which can generate in-equality while loan processing 

  • Technology Outdated
  • Regulatory Burdens
  • Credit Process is Mannual

Finocial aims to create blockchain based banking platform where series of pain points are solved as following.

  • Using point of sale POS as real time transactional data for scoring and credit assesment and smart contract based loan repayment.
  • Fresh cash flow based machine learning for credit process and updates within the system to provide comprehensive scoring.
  • Neural networks based credit socring for analysing fresh and (prototype) old data where reports like prediction on loan abandonment etc. can be generated.
  • Borrowers link all assets to public chain and generating proof of assets.
  • Borrowers connect POS to finocial payment system and pay upfront 2-3% for every loan repayment.
  • The interest rate depends on risk and cost of capital and may vary between 5 to 24 % PA

Banking as Service Platform API

To provide lender with actual and real financial data over the API

Big Data

Analysing real time transactional data over blockchain with pure privacy and extracting meangingful insights using AI.


Pure blockchain based lending where use of multiple cryptocurrency such as ETH and BTC for instant lending and merchant payment.


Finocial vision is to provide lending 

  • Instant Lending without fruther delay or a do.
  • Link assets based and generate cryptocurrency out of it.
  • Lower interest rates.
  • Helping SME and Individuals to gain more cash flow.

Market Overview

Digital lending has been in hype for last decade where millenial population can borrow loan for e-commerce products and other pre-defined loans for different assets. Industry has emerged to become the subject of technological innovation,potential threats and regulator stance.

Digital lenders provide end to end loan disbursal through digital channels this includes digital loan origination and underwriting. DL performs credit check and approves/dis-approves based on the score in real time. This effecient method for relying on properieatry algorithms reducing cost on infrastructure and provides loan instantly as compared to bank which can take weeks.

On Book Lending

Single Lender Loan Origination

Peer to Peer Lending

Lender Marketplace 

Alternative lenders can be classfied under two dimensions as.

Borrowers Served


Funding Model

  • Marketplace
  • Balance Sheet Lenders
Saransh Sharma

Saransh Sharma

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