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Finality with truth , there is no truth

TLDR; there is no such thing as Truth. It's a mental construct easily de-constructible within the realms of the cognitive framework.

The final affair with Truth is like this: I can explain them in thousands of words and write about them in different languages, but I will not do justice to the idea of Truth. The idea itself is false; the other problem is I cannot ask what Truth is. It is not an externality to observe outside, which is what most of us derive and imply is true. Still, maybe many of us are articulating about the reality or objective reality that is taking shape and is coming with some form of explanation that is consensus-driven.

Truth is not, Be True.

I will elaborate on some ideas about the Truth of the reality I perceive.

  1. Independent 

The first part of the description of Truth is "Independence"; the word itself does justice, and I will not define the concept. If the Truth is not independent and when isolated does not change, then my friend, you have encountered the Truth. When approached with many truths comes out or with many variables and comes standalone with no past or future access.

  1. Momentary

For most parts, we constantly observe the Truth around us but fail to acknowledge it. When approached with division, say you keep dividing it further and figure out that this instance or second or moment is this, then it may be that. In the sum of everything, or separated by parts, the Truth must hold all positive values together. If not, then we have failed the above hypothesis.

  1. Non-Collective 

Truth is non-collective; it's individual, unlike the sun and moon, where we have consensus over the Earth moves around; we are not discussing that kind of science here. It's an intricate science, and it is my Truth. You will not have the same Truth as mine or otherwise. Hence KnowledgeKnowledge is collective, but Truth is individual.

  1. Non-Associative

Truth is without any form as described; hence its non-associative since the body manifests the Truth cannot be associated with anyone, not even from "I". Why? To be able to experience the self that we think we hold is in the temperament and is KnowledgeKnowledge oriented; hence we cannot associate anything undefined. A self is no self.

  1. Experiential

Truth is observable but undefined; hence it's experiential, so for some, it may be like coughing or even drinking or some activity; but my dear friend, Truth is experiential through your body.

  1. Painful 

Truth is painful, and I am accustomed to and comfortable with many things; hence, the Truth is buried deep down somewhere and may require some practice outside the scope of this document or my time.

  1. No Interpretation 

I cannot interpret the Truth. If there is an interpretation, it's full of conditions and knowledge that act as a boundary to explain the Truth fully. For me to interpret the Truth, Mentally destroy the I. That takes some time and some form. 

  1. Quietly Observable 

I can only observe Truth with quiet efforts; if you think I will have commotion around me all the time, I don't think I can watch anything.

  1. Truth is destructible

If the Truth is permanent or not changing, I have taken shape and am forming another self that may take centre stage before that happens. It could destroy me.

For now, that's all. There is no such thing as Truth.

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