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Dreaming the one behind a glass

An Unexpected Encounter in the Store

I was just stopping by the store, not intending to buy anything since it was a women's boutique.

Upon entering, I noticed her sitting there, the overhead lighting casting a radiant glow on her from a distance.

Curious, I approached and asked her name. "Priyanka," she replied, and I introduced myself as Saransh. I just wanted to chat with her, and she seemed open to the idea.

Her presence left me both awestruck and nervous. As I began to speak, a food delivery person appeared out of nowhere. I needed to grab my lunch and asked if she wanted anything. She politely declined, having already eaten.

I enjoyed a delicious, sweet and sour Asian dish, though I ordered too much and couldn't finish it all.

Afterward, I returned to Priyanka and asked her name once more. I wondered if I could play the flute for her. At first, she said no, but then suggested connecting through Bluetooth. I clarified that I had a real flute, and she happily agreed.

I played a Raga Puriya fusion for her, which she seemed to enjoy, moving gracefully and expressively as she listened.

When she inquired about my occupation, I explained that I was a writer of a unique kind.

Our conversation flowed effortlessly, with both of us sharing stories and experiences. Priyanka opened up about her father's passing, and I felt a strong urge to comfort her.

I told her how beautiful she was and that my flute playing was an expression of my admiration. She blushed and thanked me.

We talked about her relationships, her openness, and her love for tea. I thought it would be nice to share a cup with her someday.

There was something captivating about her, a depth to her expressions and mannerisms that intrigued me.

I asked if I could take her photograph to create a sketch as a memento of our encounter.

What mattered most in that moment was her presence and her willingness to listen.

I couldn't help but daydream about what could happen between us, but for now, I just wanted to capture her image in a photograph.

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