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Dreaming the one behind a glass

Hey, i am just checking the store; I don't have to buy anything; I mean, i cannot buy anything since this a women's store.

While I entered the store, she was sitting on her seat, the light from the ceiling reflecting the walls inside and making her look shiny from far.

I asked her name, she said Priyanka, Hi, I am Saransh. I just wanted to talk to you. She said, Yeah, it's good.

I am awestruck by her presence; I am nervous. I was going to start talking to her suddenly; the food delivery guy appeared from nowhere. I have to go and have my lunch, would you like to eat something? She said I had some.

I went up, had this massive Asian food; it's sweet and sour; I liked it but ordered more, so going to eat all.

After some point describing my journey with E, I decided to go and see her; As i went inside, I asked her, what's your name again? Priyanka, and then I just asked her, Can i play the flute? She said a big No, but then suddenly said, you could connect with Bluetooth. I felt miserable for a second, then I Said, wait, I have a real flute. She said, Oh yeah, why not.

I played something for her, Raga Puriya mixed few things, and she liked it. She jumped close and went back, using her expressions in different ways. Her face, hands and everything was moving with a poised attitude without any effort.

She asked me what are you doing here. I said I am a writer, well, a different kind.

I spurted out everything that is not needed, but she also did the same as she was waiting for me.

She told me her father story, how she remembers him, how he died. I wanted to hug her at that moment; I was moving my eyes a lot.

I told her that I find her beautiful and expressing my emotion through my flute, isn't it good?

She said thanks and blushed a lot.

She told me everything about her relationships; she is cute and lovely, open about herself, likes tea. Maybe we should go for tea?

I would not mind watching her; I see many layers of depth and life within her. Change in expression does not happen relatively fast, and it's subtle oriented towards her.

I just said to her can i take your photograph and make a sketch out of your photo and send it to you.

The good part is that i have started appreciating the beauty within myself and found various ways to express them. On the other hand, I would like to see Priyanka on the other side of the planet and watch slowly as the earth goes around how it feels like the sun is rising but not.

Die with her.

I cannot appreciate her clothes, eyes, and sound, neither her looks, lips, cheeks.

This time her presence is more than anything, her willingness to listen to me.

I want to cuddle her and see what happens after that. Before that let me take your photograph.

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