Dreams like mine

I pulled vapours as i take breath 

left smoking the one which comes from combustion and sticks to lungs.

made few hundred dollars on bitcoin.

bitcoin cannot be defined by traditional manner of economy

made love with my woman she said you did not caress me.

I did the same and made love again.

I went to sleep.

I woke up again but in a dream.

It was hazy again i was living a parallel life

mother, brother and some friends were there

as if i am missing them maybe who knows.

i can see them very clearly they want me to stay.

maybe i want to stay in my dreams.

this goes again as i woke up and coming back to this life.

Saransh Sharma

Saransh Sharma

Thanks for dropping by, i am currently working on multiple research on Mathematics and Computer Science, and writing codes for Open Source Meanwhile in the process of writing a book about Blockchain and AI.