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Don't die but you won't

When life ends, nothing will mean something, and all those meanings are undefined when death knocks at the door, the last rite that takes place with no sound. It is a mystery; after all, we have been living for many years and suddenly vanish. What happens to us when we die? I don't know, but some claim that you either get a new life or never return if you have removed your conditions.

Our brain or mind's job is to protect the body, and the consciousness that we keep referring to is that it's the job of the consciousness to keep us alive, nothing much and nothing else. Somehow, it's interesting to note that we have a situation that is out of our body and mind's control, and it somehow manages to escape the way our whole body and mind work.

Soon there will be an end to my life, and it might be a natural random one, but it will happen sooner or later. That does not mean I should start worrying about death now; I think I should openly embrace death. A friend said yesterday that all of our life, we work for ourselves; how economist defines self-interest behaviour pattern where an individual works for the gain that protects interest associated with that individual.

Nature has provided us with a self-engaging approach to solving problems like finding food, security, shelter and safety. Nature has kept one secret from us; death, and it is something that is not in our interest. If you ask people around you if they would like to die now, some might get offended, but the truth is no one wants to die. That is why we have this substantial technological progress known as Medicines, and It can save the day, no big deal, and can get you a few months, years or perhaps a few lifetimes.

There are viruses, diseases, cancer, you name it. There are thousands of different forms of strange things that are plaguing our bodies. So, in a nutshell, the body goes first; if you give a chance to your mind, it will keep on forever, so the temporal limit, defined by the body, is a significant parameter to set certain things on the watch or else we will have the whole planet nuked.

The mind has no expiry date and can go on forever; our consciousness is what we are, subject to external reality. Our bodies have a definite upper limit and cannot go further than a specific time. This lock is attractive, and it is there to protect us probably.

We are incomplete yet complete. Somehow, we are pointing in a direction where we want to superficially complete; soon, we could live a few hundred years extra thanks to CRISPR, a new tech that alters DNA and its functioning, and two women invented it.

Now, back to the main topic, what makes us die? Why we are programmed to die after spending like 70 Odd years, and suddenly we are nowhere to be found? Either we are killed in an accident or by cancer.

I would point out three different manners,

If I was a rabbi,

We die, God designed us like that, and it is our journey; we accumulate all the energies from here and there. Now the time has come to give our answers to him, so he is calling us there. In a nutshell, he wants to talk to us, but there is a problem with this kind of philosophy; if there is a god, he could communicate with us through standard messages. Like send us an email, He could ask, how many bad things you did today?

If I was a Science Scholar,

Well, well, well, we die because our cells die. If too many cells die, then we cannot function optimally then death arrives, but not to worry, we are working on groundbreaking research that could let you live a few years.

If I was a marketer,

We don't die, and we live, our essence is still there, we are losing touch with ourselves hence we generate these diseases, these diseases are not real they are fake, read my new course about How to live happy by subscribing to my Instagram and then I will tell you how not to die?

If I would answer this,

Beyond all the languages, death occurs; beyond all the religion, death happens; beyond everything, there is a net sum of energy that is unchanged; if you look around at what makes things as they are, bring down your metabolism to a state where you can observe death. Observe death.

Interestingly, no one will tell you about death because there is no way for us to experience it unless it happens to us; what if I tell you that it's happening at an observable emission? Yes, our cells are constantly evolving, changing, and flickering. Death is staring at our face, but we are distracting ourselves by meandering into things that are important but don't forget there is something beyond this; love exists, going out of this duality nature of self-imposed behaviours.

I love you, Cici; you will not die of anything as long as I am alive. So keep me busy. :)

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