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Conversation Series: "Sibling Talk"

Episode One: "A Day in Copenhagen"

The tale unfolds on a seemingly ordinary 20-minute train journey, through a cityscape that mirrors a bustling shopping complex. This is the city of Copenhagen, a paradox of glittering affluence and unvarnished desolation. People dine on the streets while others languish in addiction and destitution. Is this really the world's happiest place?

Our protagonist, Saransh, is holed up in a tiny apartment, silently observing two strangers engrossed in their worlds. Any attempt to speak is swiftly met with correction and a barrage of incomprehensible jargon. Saransh feels more like a spectator than an active participant in this setting.

He arrives periodically at this apartment, the abode of the elusive Muellners. There's a strange ritualistic waiting game in play - plans for walks that never materialize, and an endless series of hurried conversations. Saransh is the silent observer, looking forward to his departure but always finds himself drawn back into the vortex.

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