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Sweet syrups and coffee

She likes coffee and sweet syrups; I like her silver hair and dripping pussy. A petite figure with a yoga body, a big nose, and a cute face. She dresses suitably, not too flowery, not too muted. We have been discussing how we can get some silk dresses designed for her while I spend my time imagining provocation and simplicity in those dresses. Sexy but shy enough to wear all together in one way. Worth looking at. On top of all of this, the load of smartness she brings is crazy. That makes me want to load my cum inside her every time I see her.

I love the confidence and fearlessness she puts forward in me when we are together. I must confess that it is not about your look or how sexy you are. I am in love with you.

These days, Every night, before I go to sleep, I wonder in what ways we will be making love; I have to be soft with her; we will dance or take a shower before going to bed. Rubbing Jasmine or Lavender on each other's body, supplying her unique clitoral stimulation. She feeds me all that moon juice and gives me mind-blowing blow jobs. I dress her up in a new silk dress, while in her admiration and adoration, she gets the juice from her back as a treat. All of these things make me hard before I sleep. Oh man, sweating, panting, I look for her next to me, pulling her and kissing her intensely before we sleep. Counting my days back to do that.

When she arrives, I want to see in your eyes. Giving you all of my attention, you might have to give it to others. I want to make love to you like you deserve it. Your lips are so full and begged to be kissed. Squeezing my fingers towards your perky rosy nipples, firmed with every breath. Crushing my hands around your face to feel your skin better, Rumbles in my chest simultaneously. I will pour you over with the sweet syrup that will flow out of my body.

When you anchor, I would like to welcome you with roses. Nah, I think dead roses to appreciate my love is a dull idea. I would go beyond and prepare the grounds for your arrival. You have taken a lot; we will relax together and be rhythmic. I will ensure the surrounding is filled with smells of flowers infused in lustrous lights to soothe the environment; come back home and be at ease. Be fit because what comes next will sway you. I will ask you whether you want me.

I am thinking of places where I will fuck you; my breath goes in and out at double speed. I imagine you giving me a good blow job in a car, in the first-class train sleeper, in a jungle where I am tracking you down and fucking you like a lioness; I am sucking you out in an alley in some town where lots of passersby go unnoticed, at a friends place. I want you to be ready all the moment. We can make love in our favourite cafe, in a hotel room. Rocks of Humpy, streets of Varanasi, in front of your friend Virgine, temples of Khajuraho, All possible ways and everyplace.

Sometimes, I want you to be surrounded by your friends and mine, you spend time with them, know them, and share this love with them. I glimpse one of out friends is fucking you while I am loading my dick in your mouth or your ass, whatever makes you feel like a goddess that can swallow the entire universe. Go ahead and explore unknown people, men or women, who might offer you an exceptional experience that I might have missed. I fancy someone reaches out to you and tells you they want to have you. Don't keep it a secret; enjoy them and tell them you are in love with me. They will love you back.

This time I will come close to your ear and whisper things you may want to hear. Am I trying hard to express myself? How to show my point of view. The only witness is my breath and your eyes; you are hypnotised and surrendering. I will breathe a new life force in you.

I desire to touch you; when you are doing your Vinaysa in the mornings, I will drift closer to you, with all these complex balances and poses, letting you correct my postures; I will intentionally wrong them. Once you finish your yoga with a sleeping pose, I will start kissing you.

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