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Dont rush , just rest

She is busy today, and I tried alluring her out of her box. She is busy arranging things. She likes perfection. However, I am not perfect, despite that she admires me.

She looked like something got her attention; the items needed arrangement before dawn, and she would leave when the light anchored. As if she is in someone's house and gotta get out of there as soon as possible. If the new owner finds out that, she will be in trouble. Her mood dwellings will not be meticulous. Now, no ownerships or anchoring of any kind will take place.

She talks about how she has to prepare before her new lover shows up, has to fix things in the bathroom, and will give him love there. Lovers don't wait. They come and go with her, there are infinite, and she is expanding her energy for all of them with no signs of tiredness. I asked her to rest, and she said it would be over in a few days and then she would head to Seattle, where she would figure out how to be with a new lover. Her overgrowing list of these lovers is counting on her for her arrivals.

I want you to rest before you come to me. Tell your body to rest and find a nice place to relax where you can unwind in your internal expansion. Heal yourself from all sides, see yourself from inside whatever you have given, stop giving now, and get ready to receive a fountain of love.

no foreplay

no warning

no sexual energy exchanged

when I unzip your jeans

push them down

toss panties aside

lay you on the side of the bed

spread your pink lips

exposing your clit

slowly circling with my tongue

smelling your excitement

licking just the clit

up and down

two strokes a second

steady rhythm

feeling it grow

throbbing hard

sliding down to enter

tasting you fully

sucking your engorged lips

back to clit

strong, relentless tongue

flicking against you

three male fingers enter

so tight and wet

licking, licking, licking

a finger probes your anus

slowly till halfway

feeling your contractions

wanting to cum

needing to cum

pleading to cum

begging to cum

hips like a carnival ride

wanting, needing, pleading, begging

fighting back and losing

surrendering to the wicked tongue

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