Bizzare problems within mind

A collection of my mind within my mind (self-referencing) where i just get lost, and it comes back with all of these thoughts which i cannot reach to finality.

Logical consistency is smooth, but thoughts are diverse, they are asymmetric. How can i prove my self?

Jumping on from one thought to another is what i do? Is that impulsive No, sometimes you can refer that as fast decision making. Sometimes it is slow in some cases. That is incompleteness.

References of identification of the idea of consciousness which exist within us in some form. Like nature of reality which we are in right now.

What is consciousness? I wonder, even though i have an idea but i would still wonder because i am looking outside towards the physical reality.

Could it be a matter? Just like solid rock, just like water and so forth all these questions revolve within my patterned life of mind which i have created.

To understand the fundamental reality of nature? Do i need a universal language? For the first time I am thinking about the essential nature of reality, although most of the times i am concerned about women, money, and sex.

For a moment i enter into this space of observer and how do i put the observer into a specific role i find it quite hard. The one who looks at the view outside for instance this is my subjective experience about the motion of a vehicle which i am sitting right now.

Why am i am experiencing this life form at all? It's hard if you are observing this. Hang on, and I have something interesting for you.[1]

Dualism comes into the picture now, and I can separate myself from this vehicle because it does not have an anima or soul.

Who is who moving who?

If the soul is moving my body which is made up of atoms?

The physical reality the laws governing our universe is pushing my body then what the purpose of this soul is? If my essence only contains the thinking thing which i have and then what my body is doing? Can the body live without the substance or vice versa?

Saransh Sharma

Saransh Sharma

Thanks for dropping by, i am currently working on multiple research on Mathematics and Computer Science, and writing codes for Open Source Meanwhile in the process of writing a book about Blockchain and AI.